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Air India Adds Boeing 787 Flights From Bangalore To London Gatwick

Three airlines will now operate between London and Bengaluru. Another UK service that Air India is starting is from Bengaluru to London Gatwick. It essentially replaces its service, which was available from the capital of Karnataka to London Heathrow till 2022. Now that three airlines will be flying to and [...]

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5 Travel Tips to Remember Before Booking Your Next Trip?

Here are five travel tips that are essential to remember before booking your next trip: 1. Plan and Book in Advance: It's a good idea to plan and book ahead of time when traveling. You can make huge financial savings by making early reservations for your travel, lodging, and activities. [...]

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What is corporate travel policy and why is it important for your business?

A corporate travel policy is a set of guidelines and procedures that a company establishes to govern and manage the travel arrangements and expenses of its employees. The policy typically includes rules and regulations related to booking travel, managing expenses, and ensuring compliance with company policies and government regulations. Corporate [...]

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Why being a Travel Agent is an important occupation?

The power of human connection is fundamental to our well-being as social beings. Travel agents, although their role has evolved over the years, can still play an important role in our lives for several reasons: 1. Expertise and Knowledge: Travel agents possess specialized knowledge and expertise in the travel industry. [...]

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How to utilise the code-share benefit?

In essence, a code-share flight is an agreement between airlines where they market and sell seats on each other’s flights. Doing so enables passengers to fly with their preferred airline to destinations the airline wouldn’t usually fly to themselves. Let’s take the One World codeshare agreement between British Airways, American [...]

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Are you ready for business travel in 2023?

The recovery of business travel is still ongoing. The demand for air travel has soared as practically all nations' borders have been fully restored. Corporate travelers are taking to the road for sales presentations, conferences, and other events. We assist you in looking at the top corporate travel trends for [...]

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10 Tenerife suggestions to enjoy your trip

10 #TENERIFE SUGGESTIONS TO ENJOY YOUR TRIP Here is a summary of the key pointers and techniques to make the most of your time in Tenerife: 1.Dress in layers for both warm and cold climates. Particularly during the winter, it can get frigid on the mountaintop and on the hillsides. [...]

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