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“I have used Keeva Travel several times for holidays and flights and the service never wavers. Some companies get you on board and then take you for granted but not Keeva Travel.”

“Great service, very personal and so helpful, I would highly recommend Keeva Travel”

“Rory helped us to arrange few trips in Europe and USA, very professional, excellent customer service. I definitely would recommend him for you next trip!”

The wonders of the world are just a phone call away.

Here are some of the most popular destinations people choose to visit across the continents. There are many more breath-taking locations that we can discuss with you when you call.

South America

Chile and Argentina

From the Streets of Santiago, travelling onto Puerto Varas for the Chilean Lakea, Across the Andes and finishing up in Buenos Aires.

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Eastern South America and Iguassu Falls

Explore the Coastline of Eastern South America, From Buenos Aires on to Iguassu Falls, Experience life in a working Uruguayan Estancia and finish up in Rio de Janeiro.

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Land of Belize Tour, This Stunning combination of Cental America meeting the Caribbean will amaze you. Its natural delights and history with capture your imagination.

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North America

Miami and the Bahamas

This twin centre beach holiday combines vibrant culture and relaxation creating the ultimate all round adventure.

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Vancouver and the Rockies

Majestic mountains, wicked adventure sports, top hiking trails, cultured cities, a vibrant arts scene and some of the friendliest folk you’ll find in the world make Canada a top destination to visit all year round.

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Self-Derive through California, taking in all the Highlights of Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, the Pacific Highway and the streets of Las Vegas.

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Nashville, Memphis and New Orleans

A musical journey through the deep south. Taking in the Country Music Hall of Fame, The Grand Olde Opry, Sun Studios and Graceland before heading down South to New Orleans.

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Tampa, Florida

Just 45 minutes from Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Tampa offers a very different perspective on Florida life, with influences from Cuban culture and a fantastic waterfront setting to explore.

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Sin City – Las Vegas

Immerse yourself in the glow and games of Las Vegas. Bright lights, high stakes, and dazzling colors – LA, the capital of casinos, is bursting with urban adventures.

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St Lucia

Stay at the world famous Sugar Beach, hidden in a UNESCO world heritage site between the majestic Peaks of the Pitons.

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From Cuba’s historical streets of Havana to the pristine shores of the Caribbean, stroll through World Heritage cities, relive a fascinating colonial history and experience the rich heritage of music and dance that Cuba is renowned for.

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Cruise through the Caribbean

Discover your favourite beaches of the Caribbean. With so many beautiful and diverse islands, there is always somewhere or something new to explore.

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Northern Italy

Travel from Venice to Rome via Florence and Italy’s coast. Begin amid the canals of Venice, visit the charming towns of the Cinque Terre, soak up beauty and history in Florence and wind up in the piazzas of Rome.

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Embark on a foodie adventure from Athens through the Saronic Islands to the olive groves and rugged coastline of the Peloponnese region.

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Experience the many varied landscapes of southern Spain on this cycling adventure from Seville to Granada and add a trip over to Tangiers, Morocco.

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Middle East


Discover man-made islands sculpted into the shapes of palms and a tower so high it is almost a kilometre tall. Explore the heritage area of Bastakiya, wander the spice and gold souqs, before spending a night under the stars in the desert.

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Muscat, Oman

Discover the stunning, lesser explored, secret of the Middle East. having long served as a stopover point to centuries of merchant traders and explorers, the Omanis make for consummate hosts, ever keen to show off their country’s wares.

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India and Nepal

Experience the colour and chaos of Delhi’s bazaars, visit erotic temple carvings in Khajuraho and roam the grounds of the iconic Taj Mahal. Throw in temple towns and village visits, lakeside retreats and mountain hikes, spiritual moments and local interactions for an unforgettable trip bursting with incredible adventures.

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Far East

Vietnam and Cambodia

Combine the excitement of Vietnam with the friendly warmth of Cambodia. Take a trip to remember when you voyage across Indochina from Hanoi to Siem Reap via Halong Bay, Hoi An, Ho Chi Minh City, Phnom Penh and Angkor.

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Bangkok and Koh Samui

Arriving into Bangkok feel the bustling city, enjoy your riverside escape, then come and explore Thailand’s beautiful southern islands, relax in the sun and try some of the special Thai food this region is famous for.

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Discover ancient castles, lush countryside and fascinating feudal history on this authentic travel adventure. If you pack a good sense of humour and leave all inhibitions behind, the Land of the Rising Sun rarely disappoints.

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Africa and Indian Ocean

South Africa

From the savanna of Kruger, through the Garden route and to the dramatic coastal vistas of Cape Town, South Africa is blessed with immense natural beauty and this trip captures the best of this stunning region.

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Kenya and Tanzania

Begin your adventure in the busy heart of Kenya, Nairobi, turn your attention to the wild, and finish leaving all your cares behind as you relax on the endless white sands of the beaches in Zanzibar.

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Morrocco and the Sahara

Come and see why Marrakech’s bustling medina and lively bazaars ensure the city is regularly featured in people’s ultimate bucket lists of must-see places to visit. Then journey into the Sahara and sleep under the stars.

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Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef

Queensland offers one coastal paradise after another: the atmospheric dunes of Fraser Island, the impossibly white beaches and blue waters of the Whitsundays, and the colourful coral tapestry of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Perth and Western Australia

Australia’s west coast boasts some of the world’s best beaches that are relatively untouched by tourism and set against a backdrop of rugged outback terrain. The coast and desert regions are vast, amenities sometimes sparse and isolation palpable, but the rewards are rich beyond belief.

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New Zealand Adventure

The diversity of landscapes and activities in NZ is boundless. From south to north, beaches to volcanoes and charismatic towns to historical legacies, New Zealand has the capacity to wow on all fronts.

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Cruising from the UK

Cruising from the UK is convenient, affordable and, most importantly, offers a great option for those who want to see the world but are unable to fly. A number of cruise lines operate cruises regularly out of Southampton, including P&O, Celebrity Cruises, Norwegian Cruiselines (NCL), Royal Caribbean, MSC, Marella, Cunard, Fred Olsen and Princess Cruises.

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Fly and Cruise

With a fly/cruise package from Keeva Travel, the world really is your oyster! Scale the heights of Machu Picchu and explore historic Lima before joining a Galapagos cruise aboard a luxury catamaran, or sail down the Mekong connecting Vietnam and Cambodia from the comfort of a purpose built river cruise vessel.

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Grand Australia & New Zealand Voyage on the Volendam!

During this roundtrip San Diego, your guests will cruise secluded isles across the South Pacific. Take in the culture and sights of Perth, Sydney, Auckland, and Papeete on overnight stays and experience splendors of the Great Barrier Reef.

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