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Keeva Travel – The Beginning

Written By Beneditta Mcmanus (New Business and Operations Director)

Keeva Travel was born from my and my husband’s joint love of exploring the world, learning about new cultures, and wanting to deliver the type of customer service we felt had been lacking in the industry.

It was this love of travel that brought us together. I was a young lady, just graduated from university and looking for a flight to travel to the Bahamas for a one-month placement at a law firm. I searched the internet for travel companies to assist, picked one and dialled. Little did I know that 9 years later, I would be married to the travel agent on the other end of that phone call named Rory.

Rory and I struck up an amazing relationship, first as friends and over time it became more. We travelled the continents together – our first getaway was to St Lucia. I remember standing looking out of our hotel suite to be met with the glorious views of the two peaks known as the Pitons. We have had the pleasure of travelling the world, to Asia, Africa, across Europe and in 2015 to Thailand where we had our wedding.

Our precious one

Fast forward two years later after our wedding and we were blessed with the pregnancy of our first child. During the months leading up to the birth of our daughter, we both began questioning what kind of family unit we wanted. With Rory travelling away to London for work and spending days away at a time, he was worried he would miss so many key milestones for our newborn when she arrived. This was something that he battled with.

In July 2017 our daughter arrived. It was the most magical thing we had both experienced, just like we had become parents. Our beautiful baby Keeva had arrived. We named her Keeva due to its Gaelic meaning “Precious one”. We had been through a journey to get pregnant with her and felt blessed we had succeeded; she was the most precious thing to us.

2018 – year of resolution

After Keeva’s arrival, we took the leap to take the skills, experience, and knowledge that Rory had amassed within the travel industry for over 17 years and my 20 years of experience gained working within the corporate space and set up our own business. In 2018 Keeva Travel was launched. We took something that was a dream, an idea of a way of life for us and brought it to reality. This to us was the start of the legacy we wanted to leave to our daughter Keeva and any more kids we may have in future.

But here lies the catch… in 2021 we were blessed with the birth of our second child Feirin. I’m not sure how we will be broaching the conversation once she is at an age to realize her sister has a business named after her and she doesn’t!

Our Mission:

Make people’s dreams of travelling a reality
Make travelling hassle-free
Deliver a personal touch through our customer interactions
Set our business apart through exceptional  customer service
Build customer confidence by demonstrating our extensive knowledge

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

‘Keeva are a pleasure to work with and specialists in dealing with demanding clients like ourselves. They consistently achieve the most competitive pricing, whilst maintaining the highest standard of service. They are attentive, reliable and will always have someone available to make sure your bookings and trips run as smoothly as possible. With large travelling parties, attention to detail is everything and Keeva deliver every time. ‘ UB40 management

“I have worked with Rory for over seven years coordinating business travel in the uk and around the world for our site engineers, managers and company directors. Rory understands our business and provides us with a valuable service plus a flexible approach for all our needs and if things change at the last minute he is super responsive.

Coordinating a team working away from home is not always easy so having a true professional like Rory really means a lot to our people”

“Impeccable customer service shown with every booking over the past 5 years – Rory goes above and beyond for his clients